Experiencing equipment breakdowns? Are you having to change too many clogged filters? Have there been incorrect ATG readings? Does your fuel have a dark coloring?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s time to call Seneca Companies for a fuel sampling.
Water, sludge, sediment & rust
Water is a major source of most fuel tank issues, along with microbial enhanced corrosion, sludge, sediment and rust. To keep your fuel clean and operating at the highest standards, Boudica offers our patented Valvoline tank cleaning process. Our fuel polishing process will restore your fuel and tank back to its optimal condition with the successful removal of all the contaminants.
Benefits of fuel polishing:
– Removal of free phase water.
– Eliminates costly insurance claims from vehicles breaking down.
– Kills and removes microbial growth.
– Eliminates problems with blocked filters.
– Improves functionality of pumps and ATGs.
– Remediates and re-sells degraded fuel stock.